2003 Testimonials from the happy owners
OLD WEST puppies

These are the testimonials and emails from previous puppy buyers.  We LOVE to hear about our puppies in their new homes.  IF you have an Old West puppy and would like to let us know how he or she is doing, please email us.  We love seeing pictures of our kids as they grow up with their new families. Please click  on the year at the bottom on this page for testimonials from each year.


Hi Kitsy:

I just got home from the International Dog show where Rocky (Old West Rocky Mountain Cowboy) was entered in his first show at 4 months old.  He received the highest ratings at all three shows.  Some of the judges comments are, quality puppy, good attitude, nice to see an outstanding puppy, happy, energetic, great attitude, moves with happy heart, coat good texture and condition, well developed for age, hocks perfect for breed, perfect movement, enthusiastic baby boy.

All three judges were extremely pleased with Rocky and said he was an excellent show puppy.  Rocky won his class and Best of Breed at two shows.  He went on to show in Group and won both with Group 1.  He then went on to compete for Best in Show.  What an exciting weekend.  Rocky came home with a Baby National Champion title.  One more show with high ratings and Rocky will have his Baby International Champion title. 

All day long people were stopping by to tell us what a beautiful puppy he was.  He won the hearts of many.  I can't wait until he is six months old so we can show him at the AKC shows.

Thanks again Kitsy for such a beautiful, sweet, energetic, happy little boy.
Linda Scheid



Hi Kitsy and John,
I hope you're doing well; I thought you might like an update on our puppies. Both Maverick and Hobie are thriving!  At 12 weeks Maverick weighed 19.1 pounds and Hobie 17.7.  They'll go for their final shots this Saturday, at 16 weeks, and we'll see how much they've grown.  Christopher had a hard time with his school/work schedule and keeping Hobie in the condo, so he brought him up to my house to stay and play with his brother.  From the moment Hobie arrived it has been a non-stop wrestling match.  Fortunately, I have enough room for them to have lots of fun.  I think Hobie will go back to San Diego with Christopher after the holidays.  They're enrolled in a puppy obedience class and can come, sit, lie down, stand, heel, and stay on command--most of the time, at least.  Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday morning (about 6:30 AM--these guys are VERY early risers!).  It's hard to get them to stand still, but I got lucky.
Take care,
Chris Marki





Hi Kitsy,
Toby turned two on Oct. 13, 2003, and we had a bash.  He is such a wonderful companion, that my whole family just adores, as you can see.  We celebrated with trivia games, video games, throw the ball, Frisbee, and hula hoops for Toby games, and finished with hitting the ole' Piņata.  I am sending just a few photos of his birthday celebration, and Toby says Hi.  I still remember when I saw him, the last of the litter who had not found a home after several weeks.  He was different (Pet-Quality) and small, he had the bluest blue eyes I had ever seen, but I never thought he would be the pet he is today.  He is, well just,  HUMAN!  
Have an eventful Thanksgiving, and thanks for my little guy TOBY!
Toby waiting to open his presents with Cousin Diane





Blowing out the candles

Toby and his favorite cousins, Diane and Gabe Delosreyes


Hi Kitsy,

Toby will be 2 years old on October 13th, and I just love him dearly,  He is so smart.  The other day, he took a doll that is forbidden to play with outside.   I told him to bring the doll back inside upstairs, NOW,  I wouldn't have believed it ,if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Toby picked up the doll, brought it upstairs, and sat down by my feet with the doll in his mouth. When I told him to put it down, he did and hung his head, as if saying Mom, I'm sorry.    Thanks again for such a wonderful companion and friend.  By the way as my husband and I took him on his daily night walk, two women told us he was a beautiful dog.  Here are a couple of my favorite photos.
Cathie and Rod Lumpkin


Hi Kitsy,
Hope all is well with you. Just checking out your new litters!
Token is doing great and just finished off a couple more USDAA and NADAC agility titles these last couple of weekends. We went out and played with some sheep not long ago but he was more scatter than herd - still he had a great time (as always). 
We are all happy and healthy up here and enjoying ourselves immensely.
Take care,


Hi Kitsy! Just stopped by to say howdy..... Shooter (3&1/2yrs) & Gunner (4 months younger then Shooter) are doing great. They are both so loving. Shooter is still the comedian especially in the morning. The Boys love their step-brothers Mikki a 14+yr old mix & Big Al (Alaska) our rescued 7yr old Rotten Wiley. Being all 4 males they play hard but get along well. We are so pleased with the temperament of our guys. Keep up the great job!!! XOXOXO Shooter (OLD WEST SHOOTING STARR), Gunner (OLD West SMOKIN GUN KID), Nancy, Jim,& the rest of the crew.~


Rusty started competing June 21 and got his Novice Agility title on June 29.  He has qualified in 5 of 8 runs.  He's improving everyday and I'm just glad to have a puppy that is so fond of working. 
Naci Berkoz
Woodstock's Bulut AX OAJ
Old West New Kid in Town NA



Just checked your website and see that you're hoping to have another litter with Willie X Amanda.  Thought you'd like to know that our 9/10/02 puppy, "Ben", is absolutely outstanding.  If I every get computer literate enough to be able to send you photos, I will.  He's now 9 1/2 months old and has completed a beginning and intermediate obedience class, as well as his first agility class.  I've never tried any agility before, so it's a learning experience for both of us, but so much fun!  Hope you can see Ben someday.  He's really something, and I think you'd be proud to have been the breeders of this great aussie.

Vicki Ernenwein


Hello again John and Kitsy!
 Didj is a year and a half now and the BEST dog in the ENTIRE WORLD!  :) |
We are so, so happy with him!  We entered our first ASCA stockdog trial this weekend.  The Tri-County ASCA club held a trial in Murrieta, and we had five runs over two days.  We qualified on both our sheep runs on the ASCA "C" course and earned a started title.  Cattle was a different story!  Didj had never even seen a cow before, much less attempted to work five!  Our first run was quite a learning experience for both of us, and we went home that evening thinking about how we should alter our approach.  The next day we earned a qualifying score on the ASCA "A" course on our second cattle run ever!  Now that's a learning curve!  Our third attempt was another good training experience, but I called time and didn't receive a score.  We are so very proud of Didj, and he absolutely LOVES herding!
Nicky and I would both like to thank you again for the high standard you hold for your dogs.  We were pretty much laughed at the first day of the trial at sign up because Didj is such a beautiful breed/show standard dog.  Much more handsome than his working line counterparts.  By the end of the award ceremony on the second day, those same people were very interested in his pedigree, and were trying to recruit us for their trainers and schools.  "Ha, Ha Sure" I said, and invited them to meet us in the conformation ring!
Speaking of that, we would very much appreciate any info/links you might have for conformation classes in the San Clemente area.
Thank you again for our wonderful companion!
Chris and Nicky


Got some more new pics of "HUMMER AGAIN" online ....... check 'em out!
He's so fun (and difficult) to get good action pics ..... but I DID !!!
God Bless from
Clydine and Phil 'n' Crew


Kitsy and John--

thought you might like to hear how Annie (she should have been named 'Mischief") survived her first weekend.  She is a character--into everything--loves the grass and runs and runs.  She and Molly are now good buddies and accepted each other right away.  Molly was somewhat 'green around the gills' in the car going home and Annie kept giving her kisses.  The kisses turned into mauling once they got into the backyard.  She looks at you with such an innocent fact and eyes and one can see her mind thinking about "what can I get into next!"  Molly is very shy but holds her own.  The socializing you did with Annie is evident and we thank you for it.

Linda and Reg Price


we love chance..  he is 60 lbs of pure fur and just turned 7 months. Do you think he will get bigger? he is so. very smart and so much fun. he swims, fetches, loves his walks plays Frisbee catch and he is  obedience trained . I just love his personality he is always right next to me. ready for anything even to watch a movie. I have been taking him to the elementary school and letting all the kids pet him so he would be a little more socialized. The kids love his blue eye and wiggly butt... Jim says I can have another one.. I am going to wait until he is a year then we will be out to see you... Oh by the way when do you think I should get chance altered? Your last litter was beautiful  chrissy says hi.

Terri Glass  



Hi Kitsy,
A while back I mentioned I submitted a photograph of Toby in a Picture.com contest.  The picture will be printed in a book called "Forever in a Moment."  This book will be published by September 30, 2003.  You can locate the picture by going to www.picture.com and entering my name Cathie Susan Lumpkin.


Hi This is Douglas and Federica Carrion.  

In Sept of 2002 we were give a gift, a blue merle male puppy named Ellington. Purchased by Francesca Avincola for us as an early Xmas present.

Anyway, Ellington is great and super active !! Enclosed is an image I took via digital camera ( it is the only time he EVER stopped to take a photo in his first 7 months !! )

We are going to get him fixed in late Aug or early Sept of this year and soon afterwards would like to get him a friend. Could you please put us on the waiting list for a Blue Merle pet quality female puppy.

Thank you in advance... Ellington is amazing and we love him dearly!

The Carrions


Our little princess Maya is doing well (Cisco x Patches 02/21/2002, Mika's sister).   She's the sweetest, nicest, most caring & cuddly dog.  We absolutely love her.  She's  really really girly and she loves to bring her toys and our socks to us.   She knows sign language and she's smart as a whip.  She's been to 2 different puppy schools and she's now studying for her bachelor's in agility at a really good private school.   We love her dearly! (can you tell?)    People stop us at the dog parks and around town and go out of their way to comment on how absolutely beautiful she is.   Of course, we politely nod and say "yes, we know".   :)      She absolutely loves water. We can't keep her away from the hose when   we're watering the garden, and she has her own pool (spoiled thing!).  We're so glad we have her, and we recommend you to everybody we come across that's interested in an Aussie.    Thanks for everything, and we look forward to getting a brother for her soon.    Love, Mike & Allie. 



Hi Kitsy,
Happy New Year!
Just wanted to let you know that Token is doing great up here - he also has a new little    sister. They are best buddies and up to no good most of the time.
We are moving along toward his MX and MXJ and he has titles in NADAC and USDAA agility too.  Hoping to go to NADAC nationals this fall which he's almost qualified for already.
Everyone is happy and healthy, hope everyone there is the same.
 Take care,

We celebrated Toby's First birthday October 13th. We all had a blast. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful new member to our family. He is loved by all who meet him and Jeremy our Rott protects him from all harm, especially on their walks. I am sending 2 photos, one with most of his birthday presents and the other with the costume my mom bought him for Halloween.
Cathie and Rod Lumpkin"



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