2018 Testimonials from the happy owners
OLD WEST puppies

These are the testimonials and emails from previous puppy buyers.  We LOVE to hear about our puppies in their new homes.  IF you have an Old West puppy and would like to let us know how he or she is doing, please email us.  We love seeing pictures of our kids as they grow up with their new families. Please click  on the year at the bottom on this page for testimonials from each year.


Hello Kitsy
     Happy Holidays to you. You wanted to know Shiloh's height. It looks like she is measuring it at 18 inches.
     I had her in Agility but she kept outsmarting the teacher when she was off leash. She would get one inch before and make a beeline to go visit the other dogs. It was like she planned what she was going to do ahead of time so back to obedience we go. This time with a different teacher for a new experience. Shiloh is very smart in fact I think she is a little too smart. She figures everything out to her advantage. So she is going into advanced obedience and Conformation. On leash activities for now






Hi Kitsy!
Just wanted to give you an update on Izzy who is by Primrose x Ransom 2016. She is absolutely the best dog I’ve ever had and I’d love to be able to have another someday! She is so smart and I get compliments on her beauty everywhere we go. We will be competing in our first big agility trial this summer and she is wicked fast


Hi Kitsy,
Merry Christmas! We thought that you might like to see some recent photos of Peachy (Ransom & Jinx, 5/05/16). She is such a happy-go-lucky dog, full of mischief, but sweet. She & our other two dogs (Rudi & Tilli) get along really well. Peachy & Tilli are always on "coyote watch" together and are usually partners in crime in any other mischief that they can get into! Peachy really is a joy to have around. So glad that she joined our family.
Hope all is well with you and your household!
Anthony & Amy


Hello Kitsy
Hope you are enjoying your Holliday’s. Just wanted to send you a picture of Rosie and Rocko. She is definitely part of the family. It didn’t take her long. She is so smart and beautiful. She is amazing with the kids too. Thank you again. She is everything we could have asked for and more.
Thanks, Ryan


Hi Kitsy,
This is a very belated note to update you on our amazing girl, Ruby (Old West Wild Ruby Sue, Ransom x Primrose, born 11/4/2016).  Ruby is fun, feisty, affectionate and just the best dog ever.  She loves EVERYONE and is so good with our young grandsons.  She is a true “Velcro” Aussie which is exactly what we wanted.   We all love her so much!

Thank you so much, Kitsy for raising such awesome dogs!    Attached is a picture of the day we got her from you and a recent one.  As you can see, see has grown into a beautiful girl!


Happy Thanksgiving Kitsy.
Thank you for giving me such a fabulous puppy!!
This is Lincoln with his pack.
Nobody’s smiling because it was 6am when I decided to try a formal photo!!



Hi Kitsy,
     I just wanted to give you another update on the puppy (we named him Chase)!
Since last time he’s had his first vet visit (everything went great, he even slept through his second round of shots), grew ~5 pounds (up to 18), made many new dog friends in our building, and had his first few puppy socials. 
     He’s really a fantastic buddy, very curious and confident, and plays great with everybody, even trying to herd older dogs! He’s also mostly house trained by this point, with us only having to take him out once per night at most. Training is coming along fairly easily, he sits on vocal command already and picks up most things quite quickly - we’re even running out of puzzles for him!
     I’ve attached two pictures of him - one with a ball that is way too big for him but that he loves anyways and one of his many sleeping positions (apparently he enjoys sleeping on his back like a human).
Thanks again for raising a great puppy,
-David and Daphne


Hello Kitsy, here are some photos of Lucy at 7 months old. She has been such a wonderful girl to my family. She’s so sweet, and loves to be right next to me at all times!

You weren’t wrong when you told me she will be the toughest one because she had all brothers in her litter. Her colors change and they are getting so vibrant now. And she’s getting so big, she’s hitting about 39 lbs.

Thank you so much for letting me add this wonderful girl to my life. You definitely have the best.
We look forward to adding one more to our family in the future.

Kim family


Hi Kitsy,
     Here are some photos of Blue (Loretta X Sutter 8/31/18) with his new family taken today. He is the sweetest little guy and he and Chelsea, our English Bulldog, get along famously. He loves to play, he’s doing well sleeping, he looooves “puppy massage” and will lie in our arms or on the ground and have his tummy and paws rubbed! You ask him to “give me some love” and he gives your kisses. He’s such a gorgeous dog and we’re all smitten with him. He has one blue and one brown eye and is very well behaved and is learning boundaries. He’s wonderful!!!
     Our trainer is crazy about him and noted that he obviously came from an incredible breeder, that he was a superior dog. He said he sees a lot of dogs and he wanted me to let you know how impressed he was.
Thank you so much for giving him to us. We love him!
Will keep you updated on his progress.
Thanks Kitsy!   Marina Cohn




Just wanted to let you know everything checked out great with Rosie (Loretta X Sutter 8/31/18). The vet said she couldn’t have been a healthier puppy. Stool check was clean as well. Her and Rocko are getting along great. Thank you again for such an awesome puppy. This is my second dog from you and every one who sees either one wants to know where I got it. This is also the second dog the vet wanted to keep. I will send you more updates and pics.


Hi Kitsy
Here is a picture of Duke (
Arabella x Ransom 09/2014).
I showed him for the first time 3 weeks ago in the City of Industry.  He got a Blue Ribbon. I was very pleased for his first time out.  I thought you would like to see what he looks like now that he has grown up. And he is just such a sweet guy 
Thank you again for such a wonderful guy

Linda Scheid


Dear Old West,
We thought it was time to send you an updated picture of Aimee, born March 1st 2015 (Loretta X Ransom). We retired to Idaho on a small 2 acre place where Aimee has it all - snow, water, fishing and lots of space for agility and running. And when the neighbor’s Angus break out, Aimee is the first to notice begging to be let out to herd them back in. Aimee is awesome! Loyal, strong, smart and gorgeous - thanks for our girl!


Dear Kitsy,
We hope this email finds you well! I don't even know where to start in regards to how much we love your dogs! It's hard to believe but Chloe turns 11 this year...she was from Cinder's Nov 07 litter. We were familiar with herding dogs (having a Border Collie when we got Chloe) but nothing could prepare us for the joy Chloe that is. She is brilliant and has the best temperament of any dog we have ever owned. She goes everywhere with us, she has moved cross country with us 4 times and is a frequent guest at many hotels. We love her so much that when talk came of getting another dog, even though we now live in Connecticut we decided we had to have another puppy from you. We are so excited to be welcoming another Old West puppy to our family. Thank you, we can't wait for the new arrival. And thank you again for breeding what I feel are the finest Aussie's in the world. The Malone Family



Hi Kitsy,
I have often thought how almost 16 years ago we rec'd our first of two dogs from you. Presley (Willie x Amanda 9/10/02-black tri) and Kiwi (Willie x Amanda 8/02/03-blue merle). Attached are a couple of pictures I sent you all those years ago and a couple of amusing ones. After almost 16 years, Presley passed away tonight peacefully. She was a wonderful dog and so much fun! Kiwi is 15 years now and still going strong. She is still a mischievous one with the cutest personality. Presley and Kiwi brought us so much joy over the years. Looking at your site's puppy page, reminds me how we started our road to acquiring two of the best dogs ever! Perhaps we will be fortunate to have another Old West Aussie in the future! All the best and thank you for our gems.

Kindest regards,



I just wanted to share a couple of pics I took of Roxy (Feathers X Tuff 12/12) & Eli (Jinx X Ransom 4/18) this morning. Eli has been with us a little over a month now and has adjusted to his new home as if he’d always been here. He is sweet and smart just like Roxy. They really get along great which is what we were hoping for. Thanks again for another amazing dog!

The Eiberger family


Hello Kitsy
Here is a recent picture of Shiloh
(Sutter x Primrose 10/17). She is getting big and her coat is growing out. She still acts like a puppy and loves to play.


Hi Kitsy,
   Dot (Sutter X Loretta 9/17) has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is an amazing companion. Every morning she greets each one of the family with her cute wiggle butt, she follows us around everywhere and lays next to us wherever we sit. Her fur, look and temperament remind me of her mama ,Loretta, so much.    She loves hiking and exploring. We plan on taking her and the kids on a five week across the country trip this fall. I am sure it will be fun.    We love her so much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Cindy, Ben, Sam and Kim

Quentin (Sutter X Loretta 9/17) is about 6months now and doing great! He's a bucketful of energy but he's a very good boy. 


Hi Kitsy,

I wanted to update you about Kona (Ransom x Jinx 4/11/2017) on her first birthday. It's been a very active past year with this high energy pup, always ready to run, jump, and play, and so very smart. She has learned many commands and tricks and is a favorite at the park where she will fetch a ball or frizbee for literally hours. 


When I arrived to take her home, you said to me that you thought I would enjoy her personality....you were right! All that puppy play she foisted on her litter mates translated to a very energetic and relentlessly curious puppy once we brought her home. She is absolutely beautiful, healthy, and a sweet and loyal companion. I'm attaching some pictures of her so you can see what a beautiful dog we have. 


I want to thank you so very much for sharing this amazing Aussie with me and my family. Congratulations to Ransom and Jinx for their new litter!



Charlie Bimer

Hey Catherine just wanted to see you some photos of Mylo
(Sutter X Primrose 10/17) and a brief update on how he's doing! He's growing very very fast, he's almost 50lbs and loving llfe! we are about a month into a private puppy training course and he's doing really really well, can sit, lay down, stay, heal and come very very well! His disposition is very similar to when he was a puppy, very low maitnance, just loves exploring and doesn't freak out about much of anything, just a happy go lucky goof ball. The trainer wants to get him into print modeling for puppy food, cause his personality in his face is so sweet!  Any who, below is a series of photos that i felt best capture him, can't wait for him to be fully grown, the puppy calculator calculates he will be nearly 60lbs!       Cheers



Hi Kitsy

She is growing fast and very smart. She already sits, stays, come when called, down stay, leave it, watch.  Shiloh
Sutter X Primrose 10/17) is a dream come true.

Thank you

Linda Scheid



Hello Kitsy!
 Just a quick update about Christopher Robin, "Topher" from the Oct 4, 2017 (Sutter X Primrose)
litter. We're the folks up in Santa Cruz area, Marianne and John.  Topher is doing fantastic! He's a star in his puppy and family dog classes. His personality is wonderful and he charms everyone who meets him.  He loves his beach and forest adventures.  We don't have as many bandages on our arms now that he's finally getting his adult teeth.  In April we'll take him to a low-level ( no jumping, just puppy basics) Disc Dog workshop. While he's still full of puppy mischief and energy, he can be very snuggly and mellow too.We're very happy with him.
Marianne and John 



Hi Kitsy, just a note to let you know that Gunner (Sutter X Loretta 9/17), formally Shadow, is doing well. He loves all people and dogs and is very food motivated in the learning process. He is not the kind of dog that loves to be petted and cuddled as he thinks any attention means play of chew but we are having lots of fun with him.
Take care, Roger Lane

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