2019 Testimonials from the happy owners
OLD WEST puppies

These are the testimonials and emails from previous puppy buyers.  We LOVE to hear about our puppies in their new homes.  IF you have an Old West puppy and would like to let us know how he or she is doing, please email us.  We love seeing pictures of our kids as they grow up with their new families. Please click  on the year at the bottom on this page for testimonials from each year.


Merry Christmas Kitsy!!
To you and all your family and dogs! Just thinking of you recently. We are so thankful to have Scout in our lives. She is a pup from Lorettas August 31, 2018 litter. The top photo is my our son Tom holding Scout the way only Tom can do. And the little video is classic Scout, competing gently with Ivy for time with us.

Scout has been an excellent student in obedience classes with Manuel Gudino guiding us. Manuel uses only positive feedback for training and is a somewhat quiet very patient trainer when he asks for a behavior, and then hes a one man loud cheering squad when Scout figures out what he wants. So I do my best to emulate Manuel. And she has learned all sorts of good behaviors. I use these methods with my 17-year old daughter to great success!!! Ha ha ha.

We also took Scout to Temecula to a sheep ranch and let her try it out. She was, of course, a natural. But so eager and excited she wore herself out. So she jumped in a plastic pool they had available for cooking off. So much fun.

Anyway, Ive bragged about you and your breeding philosophy and great socialization methods with the pups to some people. Hope they check you out.
Have a Happy New Year!!!
Susan Ficcadenti


Happy New Year! Elska (Ransom x Loretta  8/19) is doing great, shes such a wonderful addition to our family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday .
Elyse Cottone


Hello Kitsy,
How are you? We purchased our boy from you last year. We are so in love with our Dexter (Sutter x Primrose 9/18). He is the best dog and we hope to get another puppy from the same parents, not sure if that is possible. Please let me know if you have any new puppies.
Thank you,
Cindy Duarte


Hi Kitsy: I wanted to let you know that Mayday (Ransom X Bella 9/13) earned her AKC MACH2 title last Saturday, photo attached:) Then she followed up on Sunday with another QQ, so we only need 19 more for her next MACH! It makes me tired just thinking about it:). She is such a pleasure to live with....thanks for breeding such terrific dogs. Will keep in touch,
Vicki & Mayday


Hi Kitsy

My name is Candice Gonzales and I bought a puppy from you in 2004. My dog was from the Reno/Bloomers litter born February 27,2004. I just wanted to let you know that Chase(my puppy) is still going strong at 15 1/2. He has been the best dog. Hopefully we will be calling you about a puppy in the future. Thanks again


Hi Kitsy: Time has flown by and it's been more than a year since I sent you an update. Both our Aussies are doing great! Honestly, they are the best dogs! I did end up training Bill (Ransom x Loretta, 11/13) for Agility, and he flew through the Novice and Open divisions. I've only shown him in Excellent a couple of times, as my schedule hasn't allowed me the training time needed to continue at this time because of my other dogs. I did start him in nosework class, and he is a natural. If I can make the time, he's ready to start showing in that as well, but mostly we're doing it right now for fun.

Mayday (Ransom x Bella, 9/13) has continued to excel in all phases of Agility. We competed in the AKC Nationals in 2018 and finished very respectable. We continue to compete in AKC, but lately we have been doing more USDAA. At the recent Southwest Regionals Mayday had a terrific show all weekend, with the best part being the winner of the 14" Performance Speed Jumping (she won both the qualifier and the finals:). But the very best thing is that Mayday is a sweet, kind, lovable dog who is great with kids and other dogs and Bill is exactly the same:) I'll try to be better with updates in the future!
Happy summer,
Vicki E


Hello Kitsy,
I hope this email finds you well. Just a little update on Brandy Bleu (Loretta x Sutter August 31st, 2018 Litter). She is 10mos of pure energy. We need to buy sheep! She has a very strong herding instinct and is bossy as heck. We love her and keep her very busy. Smart as a whip and fearless I think she will be my agility dog once she is old enough. I am attaching some photos so you can see how beautiful she has become. We have started her doing all sorts of things to get her ready for agility. Lucky for us she is highly food motivated. She has become an amazing girl and we love her dearly. Chloe now 11 tolerates her and looks at us like "no way was I ever that bossy or obnoxious" we laugh because literally everything that Chloe used to do as a puppy Brandy does now, like try to remove Chloe's collar every morning! Thanks again for breeding the finest Aussies in the world.
Heather Malone


Hi Kitsy,
     It was such a joy to have two of your Aussies from almost 16 yrs ago.
It was over 10 mos ago I shared the news of Presley's passing and today Kiwi went to be with her sister over Rainbow Bridge.  (Presley - Willie x Amanda 9/10/02-black tri) and Kiwi (Willie x Amanda 8/02/03-blue merle).  I wanted to let you know that the vet was amazed at the long lives they led-Presley 15 yrs 11 months and Kiwi 15 yrs 10 months. I told him they were from great stock and were the best dogs ever!
     Thank you again Kitsy, we will never forget our precious babies or the day we drove from Northern Cal to SoCal to get them one yr apart from you. It was such an exciting day!
Attached are a few pictures over the years.
Thank you again!


Good morning kitsy!
Thought i would give you a little update with the puppy. His name is cooper (Sutter X Nighty 3/19). Hes finished with his shots and we will start going to the park and out and about more. He has been doing great as a work dog. He loves his naps and car rides. He definitely has lots of puppy energy! He is very healthy and is a very smart. Well keep you updated more.
Emily Park


Hi Kitsy
Wanted to let you know Maggie (Sutter x Jinx 2/19)did great on the way home, with no accidents. She seemed a little unsure when we first got home, so we gave her the blanket you sent and that immediately put her at ease. She has settled in and adjusted very well. This girl does have some attitude and we love it. Family and neighbors are already coming over to get their Maggie fix. Thank you for breeding such great dogs!
Dave and Shireen Dotson


Hi Kitsy,
I am just writing to give you an update on Chase (Sutter x Loretta 9/18) who is now about 8 months old! Hes now 50 pounds so I think your prediction on him being near Sutters size will prove to be correct. It would take a book to list all of his great qualities but Ill summarize by saying that hes still extremely confident in himself and has developed into an athletic, smart, and sweet dog. Its also a bit crazy how adaptable he has proven; weve done so many things with him (camping, hiking, road trips, puppy classes, etc) and even left him for a weekend already and he has never had any issues.

That said, of course hes still growing and were now in his adolescent period so weve been trying to be extra vigilant in letting him know that the rules still exist and that he needs his manners to get what he wants. He has his puppy moments but honestly we wouldnt have it any other way.

Ive attached some photos so you can see how hes looking!

David and Daphne


Hi Kitsy,
Just wanted to let you know that Dash (
Sutter x Jinx 2/19) has been an enormously welcome addition to our family!  He's a real snuggle bug and always wants to lay on us when he's tired.  The kids, Cindy, and I are so thrilled to have Dash, but I think Dot is the most thrilled of all.  She won't leave his side and ALWAYS wants to play with him.  Sometimes we have to separate them so Dash can have his safe space to explore or even sleep:)  Dot is just as much of a playful puppy as Dash, even though she's 1 1/2 years old and WAY bigger (but not for long).  Yet, it's amazing how gentle Dot is when she plays with Dash.  They make a great pair and we couldn't be happier!  

The first three nights that we had Dash, the kids insisted on laying their mattresses on the living room floor so they could have Dash (and Dot) sleep in between them.  Cindy was a bit sad because Dot usually sleeps with us, but wanted to lay next to Dash instead.  So, on our third night with Dash, Cindy ended up sleeping on one of the mattresses on the living room floor with the kids, Dash, and Dot.
Dot has been a wonderful teacher and role model for Dash.  Whenever Dash tries to chew on something he is not supposed to, Dot gives him a stern warning growl.  Sometimes Dash tries to go into our vegetable bed or other places Dot knows not to go, and Dot herds him right out with another stern warning and a lot of body pushing and nipping.  Most amazing is when we tell Dot to sit or do other tricks and reward her with a treat, Dash mimics the same behavior right away.  The dogs you breed are so smart!  We are very happy to have Dorothy Ann (Dot) and Daschell Dan (Dash) in our family.
Best regards,
Ben Foster



Hello Kitsy,
Here are some fun pictures of our sweet Dexter.. He is such a good boy and loves to take care of his babies. (This is our 2 year old granddaughter) Dexter and Alana are together the whole time she is here. Nothing but play time, if she isnt playing with him, he is just laying next to her as she plays.

Audree is so in love with Dexter. Dexter adores her and loves and protects her. (Second picture)

Dexter has his first spa day He looks so handsome. (Third picture). This is how sweet our boy is. He thinks he is a lap dog for sure.. He is such the cuddle bug and we love our Dexter to pieces. He is the smartest dog Ive ever seen.


Hi Kitsy,
just wanted to show you some photos of Lucy, shes about 10 months now. Shes so sweet still and the biggest attention seeker. Shes learned so many smart little tricks with me and I love her personality. I took her to play in the snow a few weeks ago and she loved it so much! She ran around and dived into the snow. I hope you get to see her in person soon and see how much shes grown into such a beautiful young lady. I appreciate you and always love sending update photos!
Mariel Kim


Hi Kitsy,
Hope all is well. I am giving some thought to adding a second Aussie for Lincoln (and Stella)
Sutter X Primrose 9/18) to hang out with. Im just having so much fun with Lincoln. Hes even started working on sheep! He passed his instinct test at 5 months and now Im just waiting for him to get older so he can train. Were doing obedience and tricks classes right now.

Attached is a photo with an early valentine I made for this year.


Hi Kitsy,
Since we got Dot (Ransom x Loretta 9/17) , we've traveled, hiked, and camped extensively.  In the fall we brought her on a 2-month road trip to Maine and went to so many dog parks and hiking trails all across the country.  I can tell you that Dot is THE BEST dog we could ever have for the things we do as a family.  She's so friendly, social, eager to please, and always wants to go where we go.  It's not always easy to control her enthusiasm when she sees a possible friend, but so many people across the country have told us how beautiful and well-behaved she is.  Everyone wants to show her love and she wants nothing more than to show them love right back.  THANK YOU!
Please let me know of any updates on future litters and we all look forward to socializing (playing with your puppies) in the near future.
Best regards,
Ben Foster     

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