2005 Testimonials from the happy owners
OLD WEST puppies

These are the testimonials and emails from previous puppy buyers.  We LOVE to hear about our puppies in their new homes.  IF you have an Old West puppy and would like to let us know how he or she is doing, please email us.  We love seeing pictures of our kids as they grow up with their new families. Please click  on the year at the bottom on this page for testimonials from each year.


Hi Kitsy,
Here are a couple of shots of Cocoa (Tori X Wrangler 12/25/04), and Sharky (Tori X Hotrod 8/21/03).  Cocoa has turned out so beautiful.  She is such a love.  But she has her crazy redhead moments too.  She is absolutely the boss around here.  Sharky has become the mellow boy.  But he also has his very silly episodes.  They are inseparable.  We go to this great dog park here in Las Vegas; itís about 7 acres.  Sharky has a couple of girlfriends that he loves to play with.  Cocoa on the other hand is the social butterfly.  She likes to greet everyone that comes in.  She really is very sweet.  But they are never too far away from one another.  Miss Cocoa is coming up on her 1 year birthday on Christmas.  I canít believe my babies are 2 and 1 already, seems like I just brought them home.  Anyway Happy Holidays.

Talk to you soon,
Tawnia, Sharky & Cocoa
Las Vegas, NV






Hello. I hope things are well. We have A.J., who is from Tori and Wrangler's 12/25/04 litter and we  must say he is a great dog. He is very social and loving to both other dogs and other people. He is pushing 65 pounds and still seems to be growing and filling out. He is doing agility down in Yorba Linda and seems to like it alot.

We do have a couple of questions regarding a second dog. We would like to get a second dog and are planning on spring. We just love A.J.'s disposition and would love to go though you again. Do you know who you are breeding in spring? Can we be put on a waiting list? We would prefer a black tri but that is not set in stone. Do you have any opinions on boys or girls when having two dogs?

Please let us know.

Matt and Missy Bright



Hi Kitsy,
I just wanted to give you the update on Ginger (2/25/04). We went back to Oregon at the end of October for a trial. Ginger placed second in standard novice and earned her NA title. We moved up to Open. She placed third in Open Jumpers both days. Just one more qualifying run in Jumpers to earn her OAJ. I am so proud of her.  







Hi Kitsy,

Here is a picture of Toby's from this last weekend.  He was RWD at both shows on Saturday to majors and WD/BOS over 5 top winning specials on Sunday under SBJ Laura Shivers!  Regi says he is showing better and better every time!  He will be going to
another show next weekend.  I will let you know how he does.

I hope all is well with you.

Ursula Borg





Hey Kitsy,

Long time since I've given you an update on Rusty (2-25-02).  Like I said before he is one heck of a pup.  We went to our second USDAA agility  nationals this past weekend and met both of the goals I set.  First he got into the semifinals for the Grand Prix (next year we'll keep the bars up and make the finals), and the second was to place in one of the Team events.  He did that too, but he did it in style. Rusty is the 2005 26" Team Snooker Champion!!!  He got first place, it was surreal.  Again thank you for trusting me with Rusty, he's a once in a lifetime dog.

Old West New Kid in Town "Rusty" AX AXJ MAD GM SM RM SAM TM-Bronze



Hello Kitsy,
I purchased Ginger from you last year. She was born 2/25/04 and was the runt red-tri. This is so you remember her.
I just wanted to tell you what a great dog she is. I could not imagine life without her in it. People come up to me and tell me how pretty she is. I had two people come up to me at a local event last weekend and give me their phone number. They want a puppy if I decide to breed her.
We have been taking dog agility classes since last October. At the end of July we entered our first trial in Ferndale. We did not qualify either day. Over Labor Day, we went to a three day trial in Oregon. Out of six runs (three standard and three jumps with weaves) we placed first in five. So at our second trial, she obtained her novice agility jumpers title (NAJ). We need one more qualifying run in standard to get her novice agility (NA) title. I am still walking on clouds. She is so smart, you would be proud of her. We are returning to Oregon at the end of October and hopefully we will obtain the NA title. Also, regarding her five first place runs, she had a 100% score on four and a 96 on one. That was due to going four seconds past the sanctioned time. She is one heck of dog.
I have never had a dog that had puppies before. People like her size and drive. If you have any suggestions for a mate, please let me know. I might not even have puppies because I don't want it to ruin her jumping ability. We have only just begun the agility circuits.
I have attached a picture of her.
Cindy Harcharik


Hi Kitsy,
    I was so saddened to hear about your husband. I am sure it has been very difficult for you. I send my condolences. I thought you might like to see a picture of Logan now that he is a year old. He is fun loving, energetic, and playful. We all love him so much. He has brought a lot of joy to the family. I will keep in touch!






Hi Kitsy,
I can't believe that Maverick and Hobie will be 2 years old next week!  They have certainly changed our lives--most days, for the better! They have some recent accomplishments to report:  They have both completed their Novice Rally titles, and Maverick has completed his CD (with three first place wins in his first three competitions).  He is such a quick, eager learner, and he always does his best to please me.  Hobie has one leg toward his CD with a third place finish.  He doesn't find obedience training as engaging as Maverick does, but when he puts his mind to it he does very well.

     We're beginning competition in agility, but taking it slowly, mostly for MY benefit since they're agile and I'm definitely NOT.  I think agility will be Hobie's strong suit--he's a very powerful jumper and seems to love running the courses.  Maverick is a bit of a "velcro" dog, but he's smooth and graceful when he runs.
     We took them to Lake Tahoe last week, and Hobie decided to swim for the first time.  He had a great time fetching sticks--which Maverick, who thinks swimming is for ducks, promptly stole from him when he got to shore. I can't tell you how much joy these dogs have brought us.  We receive so many compliments on their good looks and behavior (ah, if people only knew!), but what is most important is their loving hearts.  Thank you so much for our two best friends!
Chris Marki



Annie, (3-4-03), looks just like her Daddy, Reno.  She has to go to sleep with her 'Booda' and is not as innocent as her picture!  Annie has become the "Queen Bee" of the local dog park and with her cousin, Molly, herds every dog who comes into the park.  No dog has the chance to catch a ball--the dog is herded away from his or her ball or Frisbee.  She is very smart but still has a very stubborn streak when she has her mind on her goal.  Annie also likes to snitch whatever Molly has.  However, they have become the best of buddies and they are head turners wherever they go.  We were asked the other day if we painted the spots on our Aussies.  Annie has been and continues to be a joy. 

Linda and Reg Price





Hi Kitsy, here are the latest pictures of Luke at 4 months old. Every time I take him out for walks people are always commenting on how beautiful his color and markings are. I am very pleased with his development so far, his beauty and intelligence are  everything I expected and more!
Thanks for such a fine puppy!
Michael Girard





Hi Kitsy -
We thought you might want to see a recent picture of Diego.  We think you'll agree he's growing into a very handsome dog.  He has completed puppy preschool, puppy kindergarten and Obedience II at the local SPCA.  We are now training him to carry a dog-backpack so he can hike with us.  He learns quickly.
He's only six months, and already he's a great dog!  Loyal, attentive, rambunctious, curious, playful, and loads of fun.  He is very people friendly and is frequently complimented on his coloring.  With other dogs, he is outgoing and playful.  When there's a tough dog around, he knows just what to do -- he hides behind me!  One thing potential owners should know: this dog requires a lot of time.  I spend at least three hours a day walking and training him (sometimes more).
He sleeps about 12 hours a day.  That leaves nine hours for all kinds of mischief... His favorite down-time activity is stealing my shoe and parading it in front of me.  If I'm not paying attention, he'll pass by until I notice.  When I ask him to return my shoe to the bedroom he does it!
There is a whole lot more to say, but we don't like to gush.  Look for more reports of Diego's adventures.
Daniel Blackman
Helen Hayes



Hi Kitsy,

I am in the process of loading pictures and thought I would send you a couple that I found of Toby. These were taken in October. I will try to send you some more recent pictures when I can.

Ursula Borg



Hi Kitsy,

Here is AJ, one of Tori and Wranglerís Christmas babies. Everything has gone smoothly since day one. Housetraining and sleeping through the night were both one day jobs.  He has been pretty good with our three indoor cats, but their tails are getting more interesting everyday.

 He is so gorgeous and so friendly! He loves having people stop to admire him and is a bit upset if they donít. He has met a few dogs and has played well with them too. We are just shocked at how quickly he grows and changes. We canít wait until this summer when he can travel up the coast with us.

 Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family.

Missy and Matt Bright



Hi Kitsy, here are a few pictures of Luke (Old West Cool Hand Luke) at 12 weeks old. He is doing great, we will start obedience class in a few weeks. He knows sit and down already and I am starting to work on stay, so he will probably be at the head of the class.
More @ 16 weeks.


Hi Kitsy,
I wanted to send you a note on the progress of Cocoa.  She is absolutely the silliest puppy.  She made herself right at home when we got back to Las Vegas.  Sharky is in heaven.  She chases him all over the house and the backyard.  They can go for a good hour.  I really have to invest in a video camera, they are just hysterical.  She has definitely shown Sharky that she is the boss.  But then again he is a push-over.  They have this game of teasing each other with the toys.  She will get one out of the toy basket and parade it by Sharky, taunting him to come after her, then she runs as fast as she can to the bed and lays on top of the toy so he can't get it. Then he will do the same thing to her.  Their most favorite thing is newspaper, paper towels or any kind of paper they can get their mouths on.  Then it becomes confetti all over the house. Cocoa, hoards all the toys in her bed.  Sharky has met his match, he can't keep all the toys to himself without a fight anymore.  I can't tell you much we are enjoying her.  She is the best medicine to cheer me and Sharky up after losing GiGi.  I just love them both so much, I can't imagine life without them.

Thank you for such great companions.
I'll send pictures soon.

Take care,



Hi Kitsy - just thought I'd send you a quick note about Stormy and a picture (of course!).  She's moved into our lives as though she had always been part of our family.  She and Bear (our 6 yr old Aussie) have become friends.  Stormy likes to tease him with toys and he lets her win.  After a few days she was able to recognize her name when called.  She's only had a few accidents in the house and today actually went to the door when she needed to go out.  She's absolutely adorable.  We'll keep in touch with her progress.




Hi Kitsy,

I know it has been a long time since we have talked but I thought I would send you these pictures of Sadie since she is 10 years old today. She is the most wonderful friend that I have ever had. She has never been sick, she is always happy, and still turns heads cause she is so cute. This is in her new backyard and in the garage on my old chair showing off. She sleeps on our feet and is always with one of us night and day.

 Thank you so much for my puppy! We LOVE her so much!

I hope all is well with you and all your pets. How old is Partner now ? Do you still show your dogs? Some how I stopped getting the Aussie Magazine so I have lost touch with all the shows etc.

 Love to hear from you
Barbara Siemon



We have named our blue boy (10-22-04) Old West Wrangler's Diego.  He is doing well.  It turns out I don't know as much about dog training as I thought, but we're both willing to learn.
We are very pleased with Diego.  All puppies are cute of course, but this one is gorgeous and he turns a lot of heads. He is friendly and well socialized with people.  Less so with dogs as playmates are hard to find, so we enrolled him in SPCA puppy pre-school.  I think he is more alpha than I expected, which is fine by me.  He already has the basics learned: sit, down; potty trained (no accidents last two weeks); soft mouth.  So far so good.
Diego has a lot of potential and its up to me to help him realize it.  There's not much to say about him right now, but I have high hopes of reporting some accomplishments in the coming years.
Daniel Blackman
Piedmont, CA.


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